Established in 2013

BURSVC is one of the largest wholesale distributors of refined petroleum products with strategically located terminals in the Krasnodar region. Asia and Europe such as Germany, Spain, countries of the CIS, China, India, , Oman, Qatar, UAE and is one of the major activists in the region.

BURSVC offers a wide range of products such as heating oil, diesel, kerosene, propane and gasoline, ethanol and other bio fuels, used in diverse applications such as home heating, water heating and motor fuel. BURSVC enjoys an excellent reputation and differentiates itself from its direct competitors by offering superior customer service to a loyal and diverse customer base.

BURSVC owns five terminals in the Krasnodar region with a total aggregate capacity of one million barrels. BURSVC also has extensive throughgput and exchange agreements located primarily on the Druzhba pipeline network, which is one of the world’s longest oil pipeline and benefits from prime access to major supply points.

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BURSVC, works on a strict Transparency/ Traceability basis. Our commitment to nurture the place we live is also being consistently demonstrated by the Environment Friendly initiatives that we have always adopted to our production processes.


BURSVC believes in quality and consistency, to keep with our commitment to society. We offer stationery products with strong environmental credentials, whether recycled or using virgin fibres from sustainable sources.